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Latest Episodes…

  1. Safe Harbour: Episode 1 - Molotovs Blooming

    What is it like to see your city in flames? Where do you draw the line between terror and freedom? In this episode of Safe Harbour we take you behind Hong Kong's frontlines and into the lives of protesters fighting at all costs for what they believe in. Caution: Strong Language Written, ...


  2. How to Empower Women in International Affairs with Caitlin Figueiredo And Yasmin Poole

    In this episode, Thenu discusses the common experiences of young women in International Affairs with two accomplished youth advocates: Caitlin Figueiredo and Yasmin Poole. Will it ever be normal to see multiple women in positions of power? How should current leaders handle systemic inequalities? How can women support each other ...


  3. Disaster Response & Forensic Pathology With Stephen Cordner AM FAIIA

    After disasters, especially those related to health, the response that we put forward is of vital importance. Mass amounts of death create emotional and logistical problems, and have far-reaching ramifications on global health security. In this final episode, join James Cafferky for an interview with Professor Stephen Cordner AM FAIIA ...


  4. IR, Pandemics, And Globalisation with Dr Angel Alcade and Dr Daniel McCarthy

    Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, speculation has been rampant on the potential changes it could bring in international relations. Join James Cafferky in this second double-feature interview episode, to hear from Drs Angel Alcade, and Daniel McCarthy, stepping us through, first, the relationship between the pandemic and globalisation, ...


  5. Global Health & Climate Change with Prof. Kathryn Bowen and Prof. Tony Capon

    Climate change is a broad-reaching and dangerous threat, one which is no longer avoidable. Its impacts range from the environmental to the political, and intersect with international affairs on many fronts. Join James Cafferky in a double-feature interview of Professors Kathryn Bowen, and Tony Capon, in unpacking how they conceptualise ...